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Financial Pandemic Relief

When Unemployment & The Government's Pandemic Relief Plan Just Aren't Enough 

Financial Pandemic Relief

Are you one of the many Americans who are struggling financially to make ends meet because of the Covid-19 Pandemic?

If so, you are not alone...

Hundreds of thousands of Americans are out of work, and the life that they had become accustomed to living has been turned up side down.

Financial Pandemic Relief can help you hold on to what you have, and put you in a better situation.

We Specialize In Pandemic Relief

Everyone experiences tough times, and we are here to help you get through your financial problems. 

Yes, we are going through a health pandemic right now, and but financial pandemics can happen at any time.

Whether you need a few extra dollars to pay an unexpected bill, or a few thousand dollars for something new, Financial Pandemic Relief has the best options for your situation.

Pandemic Personal Loans

Financial Pandemic Relief gives you access to the best personal loan companies in the United States. If you are going through a financial pandemic we can help you get the money you need.

Pandemic Credit Repair

Financial Pandemic Relief knows that having a sub par credit score will make it hard for you to have and do certain things in life. Our credit repair specialists have helped to  change the lives of thousands of people by removing negative items from their credit report and raising their credit score.

Pandemic Student Loans

Financial Pandemic Relief has seen the spike in the amount of people who have been interested in learning new skills since the Covid-19 outbreak. We will help you get the funding you need to better yourself.

Pandemic Auto Loans

Financial Pandemic Relief knows that not having a car can be a pandemic on its own. Our partners have financing options for every credit type. Apply and drive today!!!

If You Live In The United States
Financial Pandemic Relief Is Here For You

Everyone is going through tough times, and we are here to help you overcome your financial problems.

Yes, we are currently experiencing a health pandemic, but a financial pandemic can happen at any time.

Financial Pandemic Relief is committed to helping you get through tough times.

Our Clients Say

Here are just a few of the people who have benefited from what Financial Pandemic Relief has to offer.

You Could Be Next...

Brooklyn, NY

I couldn't find a place to get a loan, but the lenders you work with approved me.
Thank You So Much!smiley

8th Grade Teacher
Camden, NJ

My credit used to be horrible and I couldn't get approved for anything. Financial Pandemic Relief and their partners helped me raise my credit score I now have a new car and a house.

Correctional Worker
Houston, TX

I didn't have enough money to attend the college of my dreams. My friend told me about Financial Pandemic Relief and I'm now a Sophomore at the school I always wanted to attend.

College Student

Trusted Lenders & Credit Repair Experts

Our trusted lenders and credit repair experts are available 24 hrs a day to assist you. We have helped thousands of people from all walks of life, and we can help you too.

Pandemic Money Tips

If you have recently lost a significant amount of income, find out if you are eligible for unemployment benefits and apply if you are. 

In the early days of the pandemic, about 2.7 million adults moved with their parents or grandparents nationwide, according to an analysis of census population data by real estate firm Zillow. 

If you cannot pay the rent, please consult with the landlord. 

It may be possible to negotiate rent, start a repayment plan, and even cancel the lease early. 

If you rent through a management company, make sure you report it to your credit bureau before making any major decisions that could affect your credit score. 

If you can't reduce your rent or mortgage costs, modify your budget to prioritize those payments and other necessities such as groceries and utilities. 

If you're still working, it’s good to follow a  50/30/20 budget rule: allocate 50% of your after-tax income to your needs (rent, mortgage payments, etc.) 30 to personal things, (takeout, dates, etc.), and allocate 20 to savings and debt payments. 

This is a convenient way to make sure you're setting yourself up to be financially safe in the future.

If you're trying to get a graduate degree and the tuition fees are a big burden, try negotiating with the university. 

Educational institutions are in financial distress and may be willing to cut tuition fees and provide incentives to keep students enrolled.

Financial Pandemic Relief

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Financial Pandemic Relief

When unemployment & the government's pandemic relief plan just aren't enough.

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